Marco Zanoni

Character Animator and Supervisor - Character Designer - Story Artist

"Whistle while you work"
Walt Disney

Hello there!I'm Marco

Hi, I'm Marco. I was born in Cremona, Italy, city of the famous classical composer Ponchielli, Stradivari and violins; but I don't play violins... actually I don't play music at all. I draw! This passion started when I was very young, 4 years old, in the 1968, when my father bought me home a bunch of paper and some felt tip pens. By chance the '68 was the same year of the world wide release of a cartoon classic (and one of my favorites, aside the masterpiece King Kong), Walt Disney's Jungle Book! I think my passion for animation started in that moment... when I saw the incredible characterizations of the jungle animals. After then I studied cinema and special effects, I did some experiments with my glorious and never forgotten Super-8 camera... and I decided, around the age of 21, to dedicate my life to animation. This incredible passion lead me around the world, in places that I never forgot and meeting a lot of interesting "characters", alive or created with a pencil.

I worked with the best professional artists in commercial art in Milan, with some of the cutting edge adv agencies and then in Australia for Walt Disney I partecipated at the character animation of some of my favorite animated Characters, then in Luxembourg, Belgium and France where I supervised the animation for a Feature. During the last years I had the chance to work with great renowed artists and Oscar awarded directors. This is my bio until now... but the story keeps going.

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